Management Board

Mariusz Ciepły

President of the Board

Mariusz Cieply is one of the founders and main shareholders of LiveChat Software.

He was elected President of the Board on 2010. He has a university degree (with an M.Sc. degree in computer science); he graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the Wrocław University of Technology (specializing in information system engineering).

He is also a member of the supervisory boards of such companies as Brand24, Venture Inc. or TimeCamp.

Urszula Jarzębowska

Member of the Board

She has been working in LiveChat Software since 2002 and since 2010 she has been a member of the Board.

Urszula Jarzebowska has a university degree; she graduated from the Oskar Lange University of Economics in Wrocław in the Faculty of National Economics where she defended her master’s thesis in the Department of Accounting and Company Controlling.

During her professional career, she completed postgraduate studies in Controlling at the Wroclaw Schools of Banking and in International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS) at Kozminski University in Warsaw. She has gained her professional experience in, among others, ad Internet Works.

Supervisory Board

Jakub Sitarz

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jakub Sitarz has a Master degree. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Wroclaw. He is a co-founder and shareholder of LiveChat Software. Currently, he is also CEO of listed private equity fund Venture Inc.

Maciej Jarzebowski

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Maciej Jarzębowski is one the co-founders of LiveChat Software. Earlier he was one of the co-founders of and CEO of that company. He also served as CEO of company Internet Works.

Marcin Mandziak

Member of the Supervisory Board

Marcin Mandziak has a higher education degree program. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wroclaw. For 10 years associated with the capital market. He was a co-founder and a long-time vice president of the board of M.W. Trade SA, which first moved quotations from NewConnect to the WSE main market. From 2013 chairman and main shareholder of EFM SA. At the same time he runs the company Arandela Marcin Mandziak, providing advisory services. Member of the Supervisory Board of Venture Incubator SA.

Marta Ciepla

Member of the Supervisory Board

Marta Ciepla is a graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław and postgraduate studies in the field of human resources management. For over ten years, she has been related to the IT market in terms of recruitment and selection of IT staff. HR manager responsible for advising on building teams of individual departments of the companies.

Michal Markowski

member of the Supervisory Board

Michal Markowski has extensive experience in accounting and finances. He served as the director of the Department of Strategy and Analysis at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where he was responsible for the development of a strategy, which resulted in an increase of the WSE’s stock price by 26%. He also worked at Deloitte Advisory and InsERT. Mr. Markowski also served for over two years as the chief economist and minister’s counsel at the Polish Ministry of Treasury. Since October 2016, Michał Markowski is conducting M&A transactions at ProService Finteco.