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Our product improves customer care and increases online sales of over 33,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide.

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MRR growth in Q3

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mn PLN - EBITDA (Q1 FY 2021/22)

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revenues growth (Q1 FY 2021/22)

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LiveChat Launches Incubator Program to Support Business Communication

LiveChat is open to accepting product creators into the program BOSTON — May 12, 2022 ** LiveChat, a provider of software solutions for managing business communication, today announced the launch of its Incubator program to support product creators in the business communication industry that are working to remove communication barriers that stand in the way of online customer-business interactions.** The LiveChat Incubator program is designed to teach participants how to successfully use the technology and establish a data acquisition plan to achieve a product-market fit and a go-to-market strategy.


LiveChat Software estimates that MRR in Q4 of the financial year increased by 4.5% qoq

LiveChat Software’s estimated consolidated revenues in the fourth quarter of 2021/22 financial year (January - March 2022) amounted to USD 14.61 mn. In the same period of the previous year (January - March 2021) the consolidated revenues amounted to USD 12.66 mn and in the period October - December 2021 (Q3 of 2021/22 financial year) the consolidated revenues amounted to USD13.92mn. The increase in revenues compared to the previous year results from both the increase in the number of clients of all the Group’s solutions and the higher ARPU (average revenue per client).


LiveChat Named a WordPress VIP Technology Partner

WordPress VIP, the leading provider of enterprise WordPress, has added LiveChat to its prestigious Technology Partnership program. LiveChat joins a small group of enterprise technology companies and is the first software solution that will allow WordPress VIP clients to provide an omnichannel customer service experience. As experts in enterprise WordPress, WordPress VIP provides a fully managed WordPress cloud platform for unparalleled scale, security, performance, and flexibility, as well as end-to-end guidance and hands-on support.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Help people and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves.

Our Vision: Customer communication without barriers.

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