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Our product improves customer care and increases online sales of over 27,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide.

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new clients in April

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new clients in March

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Growth of net profit (Q1-3 2018 FY)

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What’s our goal?

Our strategy foresees the further dynamic growth in revenue maintaining high EBITDA profitability, due to a continuous development of the products, obtaining customers in a low-cost model and keeping fixed costs low. We’re aiming to create a strong ecosystem around LiveChat and transform our products into open platforms.

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4 trillion USD

Value of global retail ecommerce is forecasted to exceed USD 4 trillion by 2020 (according to eMarketer)

27 K+

Number of existing customers of LiveChat Software

23,9 M

Number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs in the world (based on World Bank)

~3,2 M

Potential market size (based on Lead Ledger)

3 reasons why it’s a realistic plan

1 Companies already know they need us, thanks to cases like these.

LiveChat leads bring in additional $65000 of business each month

– Nate Johnson Marketing Manager at plasticprinters.com
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2 We operate in SasS model:
  • High operating leverage
  • Anticipated revenue stream
  • No overdue payments – fully automated
    payment collection system
  • No geographic boundaries
  • Lowered cost of maintenance and support
  • Simplified distribution process
3 The company has extraordinary profitability levels (EBITDA in PLN mn and EBITDA margin in %)
12.61 66.6%
24.03 72.7%
36.16 68.2%
55.04 72.2%
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